EXCLUSIVE: Prince Protegé Andy Allo Talks Songwriting with Prince and Her View of Hip-Hop Today

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(AllHipHop News) Up and coming soul, funk and R&B artist Andy Allo spoke with AllHipHop.com recently about her music, working with Grammy Award winning musician Prince and her thoughts on today’s Hip-Hop.

Among other things, Andy expressed her hopes and goals for her critically acclaimed second album, Superconductor, executive-produced by Prince, and featuring three songs co-written by Prince himself.

“My hope for this album is that it takes people somewhere, you know, you come out of it feeling something or learning something, listening to the project and experiencing something,” Allo said of her sophomore effort.

“I learned a lot by watching Prince and watching how he conducts the band and that’s been such a huge insight to how to work with band members and how to communicate. I had a band before when I started playing so I think its kind of just natural. You talk music and it’s just…

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