Kanye West Talks Black on Black Crime


Kanye Talks about black on black crime. Check out the video! ESCOE SAYZ EXCLUSIVE


Top 5 Acts of Foolery for 2012

Happy New Year!! Well, almost – you get the point. So, every year there’s foolery going on that makes us gasp, laugh, cry, or even come together. Foolery – Something shocking that makes you go ‘What the…’ and as a caveat, it doesn’t have to always have a bad outcome.  So we put our brains together and thought of the Top 5 Acts of Foolery for 2012. Ready?
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Wale – Heaven in the Afternoon


So, we can no longer call it winter, it’s #folarin season! Yesterday afternoon, at 3PM EST to be exact, Wale dropped “Heaven In The Afternoon”.  Turns out, it was a song that he wrote that morning. Could it be a response to the noise that he’s getting from some of his fans? Maybe, maybe not. You know we don’t spread rumors here! Lol
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