Video: Ashanti Says Nelly Made 50 Cent Apologize To Her

I would see 50 every now and again and I never had a problem. He didn’t seem like he had a problem. But, the first time we kind of ‘spoke’ so to speak, we were at the VMA’s in Vegas and Nelly was like ‘yo, you need to apologize to my girl.’ We were in front of everybody and you know, 50 has a personality, he was like ‘Ashanti I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Ashanti!


Rick Ross Wins Case Against Freeway Rick Ross


It feels as if the battle between Rapper Rick Ross and former king pin Freeway Rick Ross has been  going on forever.  After losing the first case a few years ago Freeway Rick Ross appealed the verdict. The Case has now been thrown out on the grounds of the 1st Amendment. 

Read the statement from the judge inside:
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