Drake & Diddy Get Into A Brawl In Miami (Update: Reason behind the fight)


Drake has had a big weekend in the media. First Chris Brown revealed that his ex Karruche Tran cheated on him with Drake. Which led to a ton of hilarious memes. Now MTV confirms Diddy and Drake got into a fight at club LIV in Miami.


Diddy and Drake were attending DJ Khaled’s birthday party and, according to Rick Ross’s DJ, there was a fight that broke out. Ross’ DJ had this to say on Twitter:

“Diddy put hands on that boy … And he Ain’t go 0-100 … That boy left.”

“Drake at the Hospital Smh … N***a caught a 3 Pc … He dislocated his Shoulder.”

Rumors are circulating that the fight was over Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie, but according to DJ Sam Sneaker that is not true.

“It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie,” he wrote, adding, “Yall pray for Drake.”

Miss Info:

According to an insider, the beat that caused this whole dispute is actually “0 to 100″ by Boi-1da. Apparently Diddy was given that beat first, eventually sent it to Drake to put a verse on it, but as we all know Drake released “0 to 100″ as a freestyle using the beat instead. Reportedly, the beat was made during a series of sessions in Miami where Puff flew Boi-1da down…but turned down the beat. Which would make it up for grabs.

However… we are hearing Puff was furious when Drake released the “0 to 100″ freestyle, probably thinking all beats should hold ’til infinity for him. And just imagine how much more furious he was when Drake’s Grammy nomination for “0 to 100″ was announced just a few days before “the punch.”

Source MTVnews.com


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