Exclusive New Music: Joe Rodeo – Billy”


Talented and innovative artist, Jo’ Rodeo, is releasing his highly anticipated single “Billy” on Jan.28th, 2015 from his upcoming sophomore mixtape “Rodeo vs. Rodie.”
Billy is definitely that song that’ll be on repeat.

With its catchy lyrics and vivacious beat “Billy” is the next solid street anthem.

Billy shows Rodeo’s extraordinary Chicago flow: passionate, concise and forcefully expressive.

Rodeo really standouts vocally on this track. While having a raucous and powerful voice, that he uses only when he wants to add more impact to what he’s saying, he also has a compelling way that he layers his voice even when he’s being blunt.

In this song Rodeo chants that he needs a billionaire dollars. He tells what he is going to spend it on, who’ll be with him and how he’s going to get it.

From the ad libs to the addictive hook, Rodeo remains consistent in his flow. The beat, produced by Rio Mac, fits perfectly with Rodeo, which not only makes for a solid collaboration but it helps Rodeo take off in his verses.

Lines like “When I get this billion dollars /I‘ma buy hella suits/ It’s time to get bigger money/Loro Piana boots” and “Pasta with shrimp and lobster/Eating with thugs and mobsters/Meeting’s we can’t discuss/could land yo’ a** in a locker ” are prime examples of his prolific key lines.

Jo’Rodeo is a Chicago native, home of distinctive forms of blues, house music and prominent Hip Hop artists such as Kanye West, Common, Rhymefest, Twista and Lupe Fiasco. He brings a hardcore southern mix-style sound to the Chicago scene. He thrives on delivering messages pertaining to his lifestyle, struggles and experiences through his music.

Rodeo is dedicated to providing quality urban dance music that will grasp the attention of all audiences. He has features with popular artists such as Tink, Lil Durk and Snootie Wild. He also has opened for artists such as Future,2 Chainz,Meek Mill,Rich Homie Quan, Rick Ross and Yo Gotti just to name a few.

Rodeo is currently putting the final touches on his upcoming mixtape “Rodeo vs. Rodie” (2015) and he’s preparing for the release of “Billy,” which is currently in rotation on Power 92.3 F.M.

Billy will be available on Soundcloud and iTunes for purchase.

“… this track right here is a billion dollars.”-Jo’Rodeo

Full Track list of Rodeo vs. Rodie:

Main Discussion
What time is it
Addicted to the streets
If it ain’t about
It can only be me
Round and round

*Track list is subjected to change





Booking: (773)798-8630


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