Dj Oreo Presents: The OreoFest


This past Saturday night was an epic night in Chicago and if you don’t know what’s I’m speaking on then I know you must have missed it. Chicago Dj, Dj Oreo, held his second annual #OreoFest feat performances by BandManKevo, Lil Herb, Stunt Taylor, Katie Got Bandz, Leather Corduroys and special appearances by Vic Mensa,Taylor Bennett, YP, SaveMoney and more.

This event was dope, creative and everyone showed love, something we normally don’t see out of Chicago party scene of hip-hop scene but this night was different. How different, well let’s start from the top 1. You had very diverse crowd of people from the audience, the media, the rappers and there entourage( of course) and the way people express themselves. 2. You had top Chicago artist all in the same building laughing joking and cheering each other’s performance on. Great site to see (check video and photos below) 3. The Fire Martial showed up because the concert was a capacity and it still went on until 2 in the morning. 4. NO FIGHTS, NO SHOOTING AND NO BAD PRESS FOR CHICAGO. That last one, while funny to some, maybe the most important one. The #OreoFest was a great chance for media to network too and you had RevoltTv, USD2r. Mag, and Potent Vision just to name a view. Although the media session was more packed then it could have been, it set the tone for more opportunities for networking . So If you missed the event then you have to check out the footage of it and make sure you don’t miss the next one.

The Enegery Is Live

BandManKevo & Z-Money

Leather Corduroys turning the crowd up at the OreoFest

By: Kool Kay and special thanks to BK from


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