Video: MTV Presents “Rebel Music”

image The universal language of music is used in many different ways. One of those ways is expressing the struggles of oppression and injustice and how to overcome them. MTV’s “Rebel Music” series highlights artist and musicians who are speaking up through different genres of music. The “Rebel Music” series made its debut in 2013 and after a successful first season, is now back for season two. Season two covers those revolutionary artists and musicians in Iran, Myanmar, Turkey, Venezuela, Senegal, and the Native American communities. Below you can watch the episode of the artist in Iran and tseason 1 & 2. Rebel Music (Season 1) | MTV Documentary Series: Rebel Music (Season 2) | MTV Documentary Series:

As part of Rebel Music’s RebelED, episodes from the second season will be accompanied by lesson plans with a teacher’s guide and background history to bring these topics into the classroom, available for free download at The curriculum will be distributed to Amnesty International’s 750 high school and college groups in the USA and shared with other Amnesty sections globally and through Viacommunity, the umbrella for Viacom’s social efforts, through the Get Schooled Foundation, a national non-­‐profit dedicated to increasing high school graduation and college attendance rates, founded by Viacom in partnership with the Gates Foundation.


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