DMC Discusses Possible Run-DMC Biopic


In a recent interview with, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels was asked about the possibility of a movie being made about the iconic group Run-DMC.

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Video: Second Trailer For N.W.A. Movie “Straight Outta Compton”


Thanks to MTV we now have the second official trailer for the biopic — Straight Outta Compton. Jason Mitchell plays Eazy-E, O’Shea Jackson Jr. stars as Ice Cube, Dr. Dre plays Corey Hawkins, MC Ren is played by Aldis Hodge and DJ Yella by Neil Brown Jr.

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Nick Cannon Will Play Rick Ross in New Movie


Nick Cannon is to play the real Rick Ross in a upcoming biopic. I don’t think anyone saw this coming. It seems as Nick Cannon would be the last one to play a real life gangster in a movie. It seems that Freeway Rick Ross felt different about Cannon.

“I chose Nick based on a few factors. The role is 17-25 in age, many of our award-winning actors are much older than that range. Nick is a guy who captures my character when I was in custody in San Diego.” Nick Cannon got his start on Nickelodeon and since then has made a name for himself in the business. From being a rapper to a TV host, Nick has a full career already. Not to mention he is married to Mariah Carey. Checkout the video below for to see Nick and Rick Ross announce their partnership.

KeKe Palmer To Play Chilli in TLC Movie




Keke Palmer joins Lil Mama and Drew Sidora as the cast of VH1’s TLC Biopic. Palmer will be playing lead singer Chilli in the film. Palmer says she has been a fan of the group since she was a kid.

“I would sing ‘No Scrubs’ over and over again to the point my parents would have to tell me to stop, but I never did, I had my little hairbrush as my mic and nobody could tell me I wasn’t the fourth member of TLC.”

The biopic begins filming next month in Atlanta, GA. This is one all TLC fans can’t wait to see.


Source: Vibe

Story by: @EscoeSayz